Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Topstone Rolling Sphere Fountains are a truly Unique Water feature. Available in Natural Rock bases, Sculpted Rock bases, and for Pools and Grating systems. Available for Indoor/Outdoor & Residential/Commercial applications. Spheres are made of Marble, Granite, or Stainless Steel. Many color options! Available Sphere sizes from 12 inches to 7 Feet in diameter.

Self-contained Units – The sphere spins on a base with the water flowing inside the fountain. The water recirculates inside the base unit. The pump can be inside the base or an external pumping system can be used.

Centerpiece Units – The Sphere spins on a base with the water flowing off the base and into an external water basin or a grating system. Pumps are normally external systems.

Topstone specializes in Custom Made fountains and installations. Pick or existing design, or let us bring your vision to life.

12 inch spheres - pedestal base - 48 inch high

12 inch spheres / pedestal base - 48 inch high

12 inch spheres / pedestal base - 48 inch high


HPIM0723 - Sphere Globe Fountain

frisco - Globe Water Feature

40bluepearl1- Sphere Fountain

IM002071 - Globe Water Fountains

10thStreetParkIMG_0070 - Garden Fountain

Wamsley - Garden Fountains

HPIM0569 -Ball Water Features

DavisonTownship2 - Fountains Garden Art

HPIM0566 - Sphere Water Fountain Outdoor

796 - Rock Fountain

City of Albuquerque Balloon Museum - Outdoor Garden Fountains

SpainEsfera 002 - Globe Fountain

10thStreetParkIMG_0073 - Natural Stone

10thStreetParkIMG_0076 - Garden Spheres

1207rosequarz52cm - Stone Fountain

CleaningAuthorityInstall5 - Kugel Ball

DSC04589 - Stone Ball

Water Fountains

Dan121002 - Natural Marble Fountain

DSC08771 - Block Ball Fountain

gradyfountain02 - Sphere Fountain Ball

DSC01099 - Fountain Stone

FengShuiFtn1 - Feng Shui Fountain

DSC00732 - Stone Sphere

FallsCreed719 - Garden Ball Fountain

HPIM0319a - Rock Base

Copy of golffountnat1 -Ball Rolling Fountain

DSC005647 - Kugelbrunnen

Bickoffphoto - Fountains Garden

DSC00001 - Marble Sphere

DSC00535 - Ball Rock

HPIM0567 - Sphere Water Fountain

HPIM0530 _ Entry Fountains

DSC02386 Granite Fountains

1207gray30cm - Granite Ball Fountain

HLiubuiRed - Stone Balls

DSC02432 - Stone Spheres

HPIM0199 - Garden Globes

DSC02738 - Stone Fountains

HPIM0432 - Marble Balls

HPIM0236 - Granite World

PPCBowlMvc-003f - Indoor Water Features

Rose Quartz (4) - Natural Rock Fountains

redmarble1 - Floating Marble Ball Fountain - Garden Water Features

RyanSphere - Sandstone Garden Ornaments

Soccer1 - Ball Water Features

Show11 - Granite Balls

Sunset Red - Marble Ball Fountain

ThundMall3 - Indoor Rolling Ball Fountain

TS12Golf 2 - Ball Stone

TS1210 - Granite Fountain Ball

TSmarble16-1 - Rolling Marble Fountain

TSmarble16-2 - Marble Ball

TSmarble20-1 - Marble Sphere Fountain

TSonyx8 - Decorative Marble Balls

IMG00070 - Limestone Garden Ornaments

Indy302GRTgr16 - Rock Fountain Indoor

jm-fountainKimAppell-(15) - Black Granite Water Feature

large2 - Large Granite Water Features

large4 - Outdoor Ball Fountain

large3 - Garden Rock Water Features

lausanne_w - Rotating Garden Spheres

MaritimeBaseSample - Round Fountain Base

multicolor red - Round Stone Fountain

MDAndftn - Indoor Stone Fountain

multicolor - Large Stone Balls

MultiColorRedGranite1 - Spheres Balls

Mvc-127f - Granite Garden Fountains

NatADV - Stone Sphere Fountains

onyx31 - Marble Garden Fountains

P6290834 - Marble Ball Water Fountain

P201000412 - Granite Stone Balls

P203002312 - Steinkugelbrunnen

P203002512 - Indoor Stone Fountains

PalmBeachBaptistphoto - Stone Fountains Outdoor

bv2 - Limestone Fountains

10thStreetPicDSC05676 - Granite Fountains Outdoor

bv4 - Black Marble Sphere

FengShuiFtn2 - Marble Fountains

gry4 - Outdoor Stone Water Features

Paw Paw ChurchPicture2 - Atlas Fountain

DavisonTownship1 - Granite Sphere

bv5 - Fountain Ball

ColorW1 - Sphere Globe Fountain

EIGHT 2 - Kugel Balls

H611 - Marble Spheres

Indy20 IN - Marble Fountain

DESKTO3 - Fountain Balls

KemAppelFTN - Rock Fountains

Dsc00001ap - Red Marble Ball

INV2.h1 - Rock Balls

INV3.h5 - Floating Stones

Inv32881.htm_txt_Inv3282 - Home Water Fountains

dsc00033 - White Fountain

Inv32882.htm_txt_Inv32882 - Granite Balls

LargeN3 - Architectural Water Fountains

fountain_images_004 - Architectural Fountain Design

hpim0199 - Garden Fountains And Stuff

MeeksRemake1 - Marble Spheres Balls

tn_bv1_jpg - Stone Spheres

Show11 - Granite Ball

tn_bv4_jpg - Fountains Stone

tn_dsc00020_jpg - Granite Spheres

tn_dsc000019_jpg - Garden Stone Balls

Pictur4 - Stone Balls Garden

tn_dsc00017_jpg - Granite Globe Fountain

Pictur6 - Granite Sphere Fountain

Pictur7 - Natural Stone Spheres

Pictur2 - Rolling Sphere Fountains

Pictur3 - Kugel Ball Fountain

Pictur20 - Globe Fountains

Pictur12 - Rolling Ball Fountains

Pictur1 - Rolling Sphere Fountains

Rose Quartz (4) - Spinning Sphere Fountain

tn_indy30224blwh_jpg - Globe Fountain

tn_indy30224yellow_jpg - Sandstone Water Features

tn_mvc837f_jpg - Garden Ornaments Stone

tn_mvc838f_jpg - Granite Monuments

tn_mvc839f_jpg - Stone Garden Fountain

tn_mvc840f_jpg - House Fountains

tn_pa250102_jpg - Stone Garden Fountains

tn_s177_jpg - Floating Granite Sphere

tn_dsc00035_jpg - Large Garden Fountains

tn_dsc00178_jpg - Granite Garden Ornaments

tn_hliubuired_jpg - House Fountains

tn_indy30216grey1_jpg - Granite Fountain

tn_indy302ltgry_jpg - Fountain White

tn_hs145_jpg - Natural Stone Fountains


TSSBT051 - Floating Fountain

TSnight1 - Garden Stone Ornaments

TSvide4 - Floating Granite