Sphere Fountains – Sculpted Rock Base

Topstone Rolling Sphere Fountains are a truly Unique Water feature. Available in Natural Rock bases, Sculpted Rock bases, and for Pools and Grating systems. Available for Indoor/Outdoor & Residential/Commercial applications. Spheres are made of Marble, Granite, or Stainless Steel. Many color options! Available Sphere sizes from 12 inches to 7 Feet in diameter.

Self-contained Units – The sphere spins on a base with the water flowing inside the fountain. The water recirculates inside the base unit. The pump can be inside the base or an external pumping system can be used.

Centerpiece Units – The Sphere spins on a base with the water flowing off the base and into an external water basin or a grating system. Pumps are normally external systems.

Topstone specializes in Custom Made fountains and installations. Pick or existing design, or let us bring your vision to life.

12 inch spheres / pedestal base - 48 inch high

12 inch spheres / pedestal base - 48 inch high

Tiger Skin Granite Fountain


HPIM0557 - Sphere Water Feature

HPIM0486 - Water Sphere Fountain

DSC00566 - Fountain Water Feature

TulareCrates 013 - Globe Water Fountain

HPIM0485 - Granite Water Fountains

HPIM0236 - Kugelbrunnen Garten

HPIM0569 - Stone Garden Ornament

PacificInstallion - Globe Fountains

ball - Large Water Fountains

DSC00533 - Water Garden Fountains

HPIM0530 - Globe Water Fountain

HPIM0566 - Granite Ball Water Feature

0001 - Globe Water Fountain

6FootSC - Granite Globe

7 - Kugel Brunnen

DSC02260 - Large Marble Fountains

DSC00614 - Big Water Fountains

25 2 - Rolling Ball Water Fountain

Granit19 - Stone Spheres For Garden

45 - Rolling Sphere Fountain

32 - Sphere Water Feature

096 - Stone Ball Fountain

167 - Stone Sphere Fountain

181 - Architectural Fountain

0227 - Fountain Floating

662 - Garden Water Fountains

7380_200691856564080[1] - Rolling Ball Water Feature

200912916365455 - Floating Marble Ball Fountain

A20 - Fountain Sphere

088L0901 - Backyard Fountains

AtlasWalkChildrenPlay - Water Fountain Globe

att4fa8a - Ball Fountain Stone

AtlasWalkView - Rotating Sphere Fountain

ATT00036 - Quellstein Kugel

B0006067 - Natural Stone Water Features

DSC09984 - Large Stone Fountains

BarnstableInstall2 - Sphere Water Features

BuzzMitchell1 - Garden Sculptures

china 7 - Backyard Water Fountains

gradyfountain02 - Stone Ball Water Features

CityofLindsayfountain003 - Stone Water Fountains

clam shell 01 - Water Feature Garden

Cloudscape Ball - Granite Water Feature

DSC00036 - Backyard Water Features

DiscoveryHondaStorea - Interior Water Features

Delcampo1 - Rock Water Feature

DSC00101 - Rock Water Fountain

BaseballStadium7 - Garden Fountains

Dsc00148 - Water Fountain For Garden

Dsc00158 - Small Garden Water Feature

DSC00193 - Water Features In Gardens

DSC01454 - Fountain Water Features

DSC02074 - Garden Water Globes

DSC02546 - Sphere Water Fountains

DSC03611 - Round Stone Balls

DSC03532 - Water Fountains For Garden

DSC06085 - Water Feature In Backyard

DSC04925 - Spinning Sphere

DSC04013 - Outdoor Stone Water Fountains

DSC04015 - House Water Fountain

DSC04181 - Sandstone Spheres

DSC04282 - Garden Rock Fountain

DSC04793 - Garden Water Balls

FredHenryball1 - Sandstone Water Fountains

DSC06286.3jpg - Rock Garden Fountains

DSC09738 - Spherical Rock

DSC09788 - Sandstone Ball Water Feature

DSC09273 - Granite Stone Water Features

DSC09790 - Antique Stone Fountains

DSC024111 - Water Feature Balls

DSC081955 - Black Granite Fountain

flotadora - Natural Rock Fountain

FallsCreed719 - Floating Granite Sphere Fountain

FM1 - Stone Water Sculpture

FSQ-10 - Floating Water Features

Fuente_1 - Pearl Fountain

FryInstallNew1 - Indoor Stone Water Fountains

Gped1 - Rolling Stone Fountain

gped2 - Water Features

Gralmond1 - Water Fountains Outdoor

Granite Sphere - Garden Ball Water Feature

Granite3tier20 - Rotating Ball Water Feature

Granite2 - Modern Outdoor Fountains

graniteazulbahiablue - Lobby Water Features

GraniteGolf Ball Fountain01 - Indoor Stone Fountains

Granite75 - Sandstone Fountains

GraniteModel21 - Stone Water Fall

Granitescbk09 - Rock Garden Water Feature

Granitescbk06 - Residential Fountain

Granitescbl03 - Water Feature Designs

HBowl1 - Spherical Water Fountain

HicksFTN1 - Kugelbrunnen Granit

Hammerfest_Meridianstein - Kugelbrunnen Selber Bauen

Houston24inch - Water Features Indoor

HowardHomeSphereS - Kugelbrunnen Mit Drehender Kugel

HPIM0178 - Garden Fountains And Stuff

HPIM0453 - Garden Spheres Balls

HPIM0344 - Modern Garden Fountains

HPIM0455 - Kugelbrunnen Edelstahl

HPIM0481 - Garden Fountains Lowes

HPIM0484 - Rock Fountains For Garden

tssbt033 - Ornamental Garden Balls

wine seller0405a - Garden Ornaments Balls

White and black 1 - Large Garden Ball Ornaments

Waterworks2 - Antique Water Features

WolfCreekInstall3 - Garden Sphere Water Features

YingYang - Rock Garden Fountain

yixianGranite - Garden Fountains Home Depot

HS037 - Granite Water Fountain

HPIM0567 - Garden Rock Fountains

Hs084 - Black Marble Fountain

Hstonefountain1 - Water Fountains Indoor

HPIM0723 - Globe Water Features

IMG-20110917-00044 - Garden Spheres Stone

IMG-20131202-00044 - Kugelbrunnen Solar

IMG_0163 - Water Fountain Indoor

Jacksonstainlesssphere01 - Stainless Steel Sphere Sculpture

Jackson5 0mm stainless sphere - Stainless Steel Outdoor Fountains

IMG00070 - Stone Fountains Garden

jm-fountainKimAppell-(15) - Natural Stone Water Feature

JennaFTN - Modern Outdoor Garden Fountains

jasmine fountains pics 015 - Kugelbrunnen Mit Beleuchtung

LakeWorthftnTS - Home Elements Water Globe Fountain

KnoxvilleFtn. - Kugelbrunnen Für Garten

JohnMaiFTN1 - Round Ball Water Fountain

Lowery1 - Stonecasters Fountains

MaritimeBaseSample - Outdoor Ball Fountains

Marvin Graf - Kugelbrunnen Granit Garten

Martindale2 - Sandstone Sphere Water Features

MarvinSternReplacment - Water Feature Ball Fountain

MaryWrightBall1 - Sphere Tabletop Fountain

MaryWrightfountain4 - Kugelbrunnen Zimmer

MayoClinicJkvle - Granite Rock Fountains

MeeksFountains - Water Fountain Ball Floating

MotionPictureTVFundinstall - Granite Sphere Water Features

MDAndftn - Pond Sphere Water Features

mer-1 - Garden Stone Fountain

MultiColorRedGranite - Stone Ornaments For The Garden

Mvc-127f - Water Feature Globe

Navar - Water Ball Desktop Fountain

NebraskaFTN1 - Fountain Ball

newstock095 - Diy Small Fountain

NebraskaFTN2 - Water Feature Wall

NorfolkFinalPic1 - Globe Water Feature

P203003116 - Spherical Stones

OceanCountyMemorialPark1 - Stone Spheres

PacificInstalliona - Stone Water Features For Gardens

PIC_0913 - Spherical Water Features

PalmBeachBaptistphoto - Fountain Round

Picball120cm - Large Garden Spheres

Piccambodia3 - Stone Sphere Water Feature

PPCBowlMvc-003f - Kugel Ball Fountain

PPPtuscfount01 - Stone Balls For Garden

PPPsphere02 -Big Water Features

PunjabiBase2 - Water Feature Design

pyr1 - Backyard Water Fountain

RING FOUNTIAN PICS1 - Water Wheel Fountain

q12 - Sphere Water Features For The Garden

Rose Quartz (4) -Natural Rock Water Features

RoyalsBaseball53 - Garden Fountain Outlet

RoseQuartz1 - Garden Ornaments

S087- Garden Fountain Lowes

S8000318 - Pool Fountain Designs

sample - Garden Ornament

SaRangPic1 - Earth Fountain

SanRangFTN Photo - Huge Water Feature

Simon5cm - Water Ornament

Soccer1 - Small Backyard Water Features

SimpsonUniv2 - Large Water Feature

SimpsonUniv1 - Entry Fountains

SoccerBall2 - Custom Water Features

StainlessEtching1 - Stainless Steel Spheres

stone circle02 - Ring Water Fountain

SpainEsfera 002 - Stone Fountain Base

Taiji022 - Modern Garden Fountain

SundanceCelecsialFountain - Garden Water Fountains

ThundMall3 - Kugel Brunnen

top order 5 - Stone Garden Decor

TopStoneEarthTone11 - Earth Sculpture

TSmarble20-2 - Rainbow Sandstone Sphere Water Feature

TS32SC - Rock Fountain

tssbt009 - Granite Ball Fountain

6 ft Granite 1 - Granite Sphere

6 ft grainite 2 - Granite Ball

A19 - Custom Water Fountain

absolute black - Water Fountains Fort Worth

floating ball - Rainbow Sandstone Spheres

q2 - Natural Stone Garden Fountains

q3 - Kugelbrunnen Aachen

q4 - Garden Landscaping Stone

q5 - Water Feature Plants

q8 - Stone Water Fountains For Gardens

q10 - Marble Spheres

q11 - Marble Sphere Fountain

q12 - Granite Globe

red marble floating ball - Red Marble Ball fountain

ArlanFaustinoFtn2 - Spherical Water Fountain

48 inc1 -Spheres Balls

BV12Cloudscape - Residential Fountain

CIMG3803 - Round Stone Fountain

CIMG3802 - Marble Fountains

B0006068 - Home Water Fountain

263d0af222ba6 - Sphere Sculptures

CobbMemorial1 - Granite Fountains

ColorWorld1 - Globe Fountain

BV12Onyx - Landscaping Water Feature

12InchBlackMarble - Floating Fountains

darold1 - Landscaping Ornaments

Cylind2 - Kugel Balls

DSC00053a - Stone Ball Fountain

DiscoveryHondaStore+1 - Water Feature

DSC024111 - Fountain Sphere

DSC00193 - Sphere Stone

DSC00533 - Natural Stone

DSC02738 - Marble Sphere

DSC00614 - Granite Balls

Dsc00160 - Rock Base

ETSUFlash - Natural Marble Fountain

FirstBaptistTheWoodlands - Block Ball Fountain

ETSU02 - Globe Water Fountain

DSC00483 - Fountains

DSC00315 - Sphere Fountain

ETSUFinalPics - Stone Fountain

DSCN2787 - Garden Fountain

flotadora - Fountain

graniteazulbahiablue - Ball Rolling Fountain

grcloudscapeblks95 - Garden Spheres

HicksFTN1 - Fountain Stone

GradyInstall24b - Sphere Water Fountain

granit4 - Fountain Balls

frasier - Water Fountains

gradyfountain01 - Marble Ball Fountain

hpim0218 - Sphere Fountains Granite

fs003 - Granite Water Fountains

HowardHomeSphereS - Ball Fountains

HenryA5 - Water Feature Sphere

FS24P - Water Sphere Fountain

FS05a.2 - Ball Water Features

Master Plumbing 3 - Floating Water Fountain

LMIMGSC1 - Floating Sphere Fountain

LMIMG-20120720-00106 - Floating Ball Fountain

LakeWorthFtn. - Rotating Ball Fountain

HPIM0347 - Stone Sphere Fountain

JamesHo1 - Sphere Water Feature

MarkPhelps2 - Granite Ball Water Feature

KnoxvilleFtn. - Granite Sphere Fountain

inv11_1 - Granite Spheres

mary_wright - Garden Fountain Outlet

hpim0264 - Ball Fountain Stone

index.2 - Quellstein Kugel

HPIM0599 - Floating Ball Water Fountain

Martindale1 - Kugel Ball

MDAndftn - Floating Marble Ball Fountain

Millardball1 - Polished Balls Fountain

MultiColorRedGranite - Sphere Fountain Ball

RaisedDesign5 - Engraving Stone

RV1ab - Natural Stone Balls

PacificAcademyPic1 - Sphere Globe Fountain

NorfolkFinalPic2 - Ball Water Fountain

MotionPicture1 - Garden Water Fountain

PacificInstalliona - Garden Ball

S122 - Stone Ball

s207 - Grey Natural Stone Ball Fountain

s207b - Antique Fountains

new one - Fountains Garden

Ryan6A - Natural Stone Spheres

s202 - Architectural Fountain

s208 - sculpture fountains

Meeks2 - Spinning Ball Fountain

MultiColorRedGranite1 - Ball Rock

s206 - Rolling Ball Fountain

s203 - Hand Carved Natural Stone Water Fountains

Meeks3 - Water Ball Fountain

RyanSC - Floating Granite Ball Fountain

SimpsonUniv3 - Fountains Stone

SaRangPic1 - Sphere Water Fountain Globe

tn_dsc00020b_jpg - Outdoor Sphere Water Fountains

tn_dsc00051n_jpg - Rolling Stone Ball Fountain

tn_fs003_jpg - Rolling Stone Ball Water Fountain

tn_hglass1_jpg - Glass Ball Fountain

tn_s206_jpg - Rolling Sphere Fountain

tn_s208_jpg - sculpture fountain

tn_granlrge5_jpg - Rolling Sphere Fountains

TSSBT019 - Stone Balls Garden

Waterworks1 - Fountain Garden Ball

St.Peters1 - Sculpted Rock Base

TSSBT073 - Diy Garden Fountain Waterfall

TulareCrates 014 - Rolling Ball Fountains

WolfCreekInstall3 - Modern Water Fountains

YDSDSCN9565 - Steel Water Fountain

SpainEsfera 001 - Garden Ball Fountain

WyattFOUNTAIN 4 - Water Fountain

Granit47 - Garden Spheres Black

ball_fountain-2 - Kugelbrunnen Mit Led Beleuchtung

JamesHo3 - Kugelbrunnen Gießen

City of Austin Lady Bird Park - Gartenbrunnen Kugel Quellstein