Rolling Ring Circle Fountains

Topstone Rolling Sphere Fountains are a truly Unique Water feature. Available in Natural Rock bases, Sculpted Rock bases, and for Pools and Grating systems. Available for Indoor/Outdoor & Residential/Commercial applications. Spheres are made of Marble, Granite, or Stainless Steel. Many color options! Available Sphere sizes from 12 inches to 7 Feet in diameter.

CIMG9420 - Fountain Ring

CIMG9419 - Moving Fountain Ring

RingFountainPhoto-2 - Ring Fountain

CIMG9416 - Spinning Fountain Ring

CIMG8906 - Spinning Fountain Round

nashuafountain1 - Moving Ring Fountain

CIMG9414 - Spinning Ring Fountain

DSC03806 - Revolving Fountain Round

CIMG9415 - Revolving Fountain Ring

CIMG9418 - Revolving Ring Fountain

CIMG9417 - Moving Fountain Round