Sphere Fountains – Using Grates & Pools

Topstone Rolling Sphere Fountains are a truly Unique Water feature. Available in Natural Rock bases, Sculpted Rock bases, and for Pools and Grating systems. Available for Indoor/Outdoor & Residential/Commercial applications. Spheres are made of Marble, Granite, or Stainless Steel. Many color options! Available Sphere sizes from 12 inches to 7 Feet in diameter.

Self-contained Units – The sphere spins on a base with the water flowing inside the fountain. The water recirculates inside the base unit. The pump can be inside the base or an external pumping system can be used.

Centerpiece Units – The Sphere spins on a base with the water flowing off the base and into an external water basin or a grating system. Pumps are normally external systems.

Topstone specializes in Custom Made fountains and installations. Pick or existing design, or let us bring your vision to life.

PacificInstallion - Landscape Water Features

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PPPsphere02 - Pool Fountain

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