HPIM0566 - Granite Ball Water Feature


Product#: TS106

Product Name: HPIM0566 - Granite Ball Water Feature

Category: Sphere Fountains – Sculpted Rock Base

Description: Topstone brings you its latest collection on granite spheres for sale you can transform your entire garden. With countless topstone designs like this later, you have this range of fountain sphere decors to choose from. As a water fountain ball, the topstone granite globe can be set up in your vast outdoors as a round ball water fountain, floating granite ball fountain, or as a sphere outdoor fountain. Or if you are an indoors art junkie, you can take this great water feature ball from topstone and set them up as a beautiful granite ball water feature or fountain sphere. So take topstone designs at their best and get the best for your own homes today. HPIM0566 - Have you ever heard of water fountains for schools, well don’t be too shocked. Topstone’s range of products like the garden ball spheres and granite balls are the latest water ornament to join the long line of water features indoor to be taken outdoors as a sphere fountain, and set up as granite fountains. It does have a home water fountain feel to it, especially since it caters to a kid-friendly environment. These granite water features will not be the last granite water feature to take up another spot as its home.