Inv32882.htm_txt_Inv32882 - Granite Balls


Product#: TS4288

Product Name: Inv32882.htm_txt_Inv32882 - Granite Balls

Category: Sphere Fountains – Natural Rock Base

Description: Inv32882.htm_txt_Inv32882 - Granite fountains are far more suitable for any environment than stone or marble fountains. Some of the products of fountains with granite offered are granite balls. The granite ball is subdivided into the Granite ball fountain, the granite ball water feature, rotating granite ball water feature and granite ball water fountain. The list goes on. But according to category, the floating granite ball has another cousin, the floating granite ball fountain. During a granite balls sale, one can look up this spectacular granite product, the large granite ball. It does not need any extra add-ons to fit into an environment that is what makes them an all-rounder. Granite Balls For Garden is also got a separate category where one can pick his own type of ball for his home.